Connecting the World

One Community at a Time

We plan, design and build fiber and broadband networks to empower communities.

We work for municipalities, utilities, co-ops and regional governments but serve any organization that is building fiber and broadband infrastructure.
Magellan provides planning, engineering, grant development, implementation and management of the fastest, most technologically advanced fiber and broadband networks.
Our mission is to connect every community, one at a time, to the digital economy so that no one is left behind. Our work ensures that communities are able to access every opportunity the internet has to offer so they can thrive in the connected world.

Experienced, innovative and driven to deliver exceptional client service

We empower our employees with self-directed solutions based on their capabilities and experience to ensure we meet the objectives our clients, one community at a time.

John Honker
President & CEO
Courtney Violette
Chief Operating Officer
Kyle Hollifield
Executive Vice President
Jessica Zufolo
VP of Rural Broadband Strategy
Jory Wolf
VP of Digital Innovation
Gene Allred
Director of Construction
Joe Carella
Director of Grants, PMP
Scott Moehnke
Director of Broadband Implementation
Jim Petersen
Director of Sales
Kelley Richardson
Director of Marketing & Communications
John Williams
Engineering Program Manager
White Papers

Municipal Broadband Business Models & Benchmarking Analysis

Download this valuable whitepaper and learn more about the factors to consider when planning gigabit broadband services, including cost-effective deployment.

Municipal Broadband Business Models Cover

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