Municipal Fiber Backbone Drives Fiber Innovation in Centennial

Municipal Fiber Backbone Drives Fiber Innovation in Centennial

“Council's goal with the Fiber Master Plan was to provide an opportunity to increase competition by completing a fiber backbone that could deliver superior and competitive choices and services for consumers. Through partnerships with the private sector, our residents and existing and future businesses will enjoy faster internet services and possibly lower prices”

-Ken Lucas, Centennial City Council

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The City of Centennial, Colorado is a rapidly growing community on Colorado’s Front Range. With this growth came new broadband connectivity needs for internal departments and external stakeholders, including transportation, public safety and education. The City also saw opportunities to drive new economic development opportunities by ensuring its business corridors were equipped with fiber infrastructure. The City believed a municipal fiber backbone would help drive broadband innovation and needed to find an engineering partner with deep experience planning citywide fiber networks.


In 2017, the City retained Magellan Advisors to develop a high-level design and fiber master plan for the backbone. Magellan approached the project from the ground up, seeking input from internal departments, two school districts, local libraries, two regional public safety organizations and the local business community. Upon identifying the needs of these organizations, Magellan developed a citywide fiber backbone that connected all organizations to a new underground, high-capacity fiber network with multiple layers of redundancy and connections to key data centers around Centennial. Magellan provided a full assessment and optimization of routes, network construction phasing and cost estimates for the network. In late 2017, Magellan presented the findings to the City’s Fiber Steering Committee and City Council, who both adopted the plan and design and authorized construction of the network.


The City completed construction on its 50-mile, 432 strand fiber backbone in December 2018 and has attracted three new internet service providers to Centennial, driving competition and creating additional choice for residents and businesses. Today, Ting Internet, United Private Networks and Avata networks lease fiber from the City to supply broadband services to homes, businesses and community organizations. Ting launched its fiber to the home service in 2019 and provides gigabit internet services to homes and businesses. The City also provides fiber to the Cherry Creek School District and Intermountain Electric. 

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