Planning the City of Columbia's Fiber Future

Planning the City of Columbia's Fiber Future

From picturesque parks and clever cuisine to amazing art and superb shopping, visitors find that Columbia is ‘more than a college town’ and surprisingly sophisticated. Columbia is a cool neighborhood in a big city, with a young vibe, an active buzz and an engaged community. Columbia Water and Light provides water, electric and fiber broadband services to the community of 115,000 citizens.

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Although a number of competitive providers operate in the Columbia area, the local business community has suffered from a lack of affordably priced, high-speed broadband services. As Columbia's startup and tech sectors have grown, in part because of the University, the City realized that small businesses were challenged to grow by their lack of broadband speed and reliability. The City needed tools to keep businesses local and support the growth of its small business community.


Magellan helped Columbia, Boone County and the University of Missouri determine the overall broadband needs for its community and develop a plan to meet those needs through the City’s extensive fiber optic network. Magellan developed the plan to expand the City's network in cooperation with local broadband providers to enable a new supply of fiber to expand broadband services. 


  • Reduce broadband costs and improving affordability
  • Enable more broadband choices for local businesses
  • Enhance connectivity to more community organizations
  • Enable more connectivity to healthcare organizations


Columbia is moving to the next stage with Magellan to determine strategic locations for its first deployments and formalizing its fiber utility to ready it for expansion into the community.

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