Broadband Planning
Deploying fiber and broadband is a major undertaking and you need a trusted partner that has been in the trenches building networks for municipalities, utilities and co-ops.

We are the go-to firm more municipalities, utilities and co-ops use to plan fiber and broadband for their communities. We’ve developed fiber master plans, broadband business plans, financial plans and implementation strategies with over 400 clients. You’ll work with the most experienced team with real-world results and best practices for deploying fiber and broadband.

Turnkey Broadband Services
Features + Solutions
Action-oriented Business Plans with Achievable Goals
  • Tailored to your organization
  • Strategies built on real-world experience and results
  • Roadmaps that are easy to follow
  • Financial plans used to support bond, bank and grant funding
Fiber Master Plans That Meet Community Needs
  • Focused on connecting your city, schools, hospitals and other anchors
  • Enable smart city and IoT applications
  • Aligned with your capital projects
  • Phased over time, step by step
Broadband Needs Assessments & Market Analysis
  • Permitting, change orders and materials management
  • Community outreach and town halls to understand needs
  • Job creation and economic impact of broadband
  • Needs assessments for education, healthcare, public housing and smart city
  • Needs assessment for utilities, grid modernization and AMI
Fiber, Wireless and Broadband Policy
  • Dig once and joint trench policy to promote fiber deployment
  • Wireless siting and 5G policy to protect community interests
  • Pole attachment agreements to protect utilities
  • Fiber lease agreements, pricing and terms

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