Design Engineering
Design it right the first time and it will last a lifetime. Our engineers know municipalities, utilities and coops and design networks for the latest technologies, fastest speeds and lowest cost.

For utilities, we connect substations, reclosers and distributed generation, while building broadband capabilities to reach your customers, in a fully integrated design. For municipalities, we connect your facilities, schools, hospitals and corridors with high-capacity fiber backbones to ensure connectivity for community needs and smart city applications. For regional organizations, we design fiber, wireless and broadband spanning cities, counties and even states.

Turnkey Broadband Services
Features + Solutions
Fiber to the Home Broadband
  • Optimized for lowest cost and highest speeds
  • GPON, NG-PON2, Active Ethernet, WDM Options
  • Rapid design to accelerate your deployment
  • Innovative GIS to model where to deploy first
  • Utility smart grid and AMI integration
Municipal Fiber & Wireless
  • Fully integrated to support smart city and IoT
  • Multi-use fiber backbones designed to support your departmental needs
  • Fixed wireless, wifi & CBRS to enable dense coverage
  • Splicing, termination and routing for high resiliency
  • Phased construction plans, prioritized to your needs
SCADA, AMI & Smart Grid
  • Utility-focused fiber engineering
  • Connect substations, reclosers, distributed generation and field resources
  • Designed to your security standards, protecting critical infrastructure
  • Scalable for future fiber to the home
  • Leverages your distribution plant to keep costs down
Network electronics
  • Equipment specifications designed for your needs
  • Vendor and manufacturer independent
  • Core, edge and home electronics
  • IP, MPLS and transport integration
  • IP addressing, DNS, DHCP
  • Voice, video & internet integration

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