Rural Broadband
Unserved and underserved communities need solutions for connectivity to support economic growth, educational attainment and digital inclusion. Magellan works with the most rural communities to find ways to bring high-speed internet to residents, businesses and farms.

We develop, write and manage grants for our clients and have secured over $300 million in funding for munis, utilities and co-ops from the Rural Utilities Service Reconnect, Smart Grid and Telecom programs, FCC programs, Appalachian Regional Commission grants and various other state and local sources.

Utilities & Cooperatives
Features + Solutions
Rural Broadband Feasibility Studies
  • Educate your board and understand what it takes to deploy broadband
  • Real world examples and direct experiences from other coops
  • Success stories, challenges and best practices
  • Focused on leveraging your rural distribution plant, poles, substations and field resources
  • Rural broadband design with the lowest cost deployment methods
  • Estimate real-demand using our predictive survey methodologies, tested by real-world results
  • Custom strategies that build fiber for grid modernization and broadband simultaneously
  • Assess the right funding opportunities for your coop
Grants & Funding
  • Turnkey grant strategy and development for the best chance of funding
  • RDOF, Reconnect, RUS Smart Grid, regional and state programs
  • Turnkey grant writing and submission
  • Grant award management and compliance
Business Plans
  • Insightful business strategies that rural coops understand and can execute
  • Built on real-world experience and results
  • Resource sharing and cost allocation between electric and broadband
  • Minimize new hires, use outsourcing where feasible
  • Financing strategies that protect ratepayers and keep your borrowing costs down
  • Financial experts that support your entire funding process. Direct experience with local banks, CoBank, CFC and federal grant funding agencies
Design Engineering
  • Maximize the use of your distribution plant for new fiber deployments
  • Rural broadband design using distributed tap architecture to reduce costs
  • Economical fiber designs that reach the most rural members at 3 homes per mile
  • Fiber backbone, fiber to the home, wireless and 5G designs
  • Detailed, real-world design using our rapid design process
  • Accurate costs, directly from our active construction projects
Construction Management
  • Onsite construction managers protecting your distribution plant and construction standards
  • We are your owner’s rep and manage all field changes, issues, change orders and violations
  • IP, MPLS and transport integration
  • IP addressing, DNS, DHCP
  • Voice, video and internet integration
Startup and Launch
  • Beta testing, operational readiness and launch support
  • Staging equipment and services
  • Performance testing
  • Issue tracking and resolution, troubleshooting and tech-support
  • Back office readiness and staff training
Community-Focused Network Operations
  • Network provisioning and billing
  • Network monitoring and fault isolation
  • Standard and emergency maintenance
  • Repairs and upgrades, field services
Sales & Marketing
  • Market planning and strategy
  • Rates, bundles and promos
  • Residential single-family sales
  • Multi-unit and bulk deals for apartment complexes and HOAs
  • Custom business internet and voice
Retail ISP Services
  • Magellan LiteSpeed eliminates your need to run the broadband business
  • We provide high-speed internet, voice and video to your customers
  • Superior levels of customer service consistent with coop values
  • Revenue sharing that generates new income while your customers receive superior service
  • Learn more about Magellan LiteSpeed

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